Beyond the Wreckages
Beyond The Wreckages offers a visual metaphor for the humanity's triumph over technology and AI, in a poetic anime style.

In a world overrun by giant kaijus, four elite mecha pilots are transformed into cyborgs by a rogue scientist seeking to create the ultimate weapons to fight back against the monsters. But when their mechas are destroyed in battle and their bodies torn apart, the pilots' heads remain alive thanks to the human factor combined with their cybernetic enhancements.

Technology is on our side. AI cannot exist without mankind.
This collection was iteratively created and post-processed using AI to achieve the desired look. The noise has been cleared using proprietary techniques with Gigapixel AI and Photoshop was used for digital overpainting, final touches, textures, and effects.

Beyond the Wreckages #1 - Kaito
Kaito's sleek and streamlined cybernetic enhancements grant him unparalleled speed and agility, making him a lethal weapon in the fight against the kaijus.
Beyond the Wreckages #2 - Ren
Ren's bold and daring personality inspires his fellow pilots and strikes fear in the hearts of the kaijus he battles, as he fearlessly charges into combat and emerges victorious time and time again.
Beyond the Wreckages #3 - Yuto
Yuto's cold and calculated approach to combat is matched only by his fiery determination and passion for victory, as he identifies weaknesses in the enemy's defenses and devises cunning strategies to exploit them.
Beyond the Wreckages #4 -
Haruki - Exclusive Collector Edition
Haruki's vibrant and exuberant character is matched only by his fierce fighting skills and unrelenting spirit, making him a formidable force against the kaijus that threaten the world.

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